Jessica S. (killerforhire) wrote,
Jessica S.

i woke up this morning with a sore ass and legs from yesterday's gym session. my father called at 1130 telling my mom and i about a beautiful puppy he had seen for sale at a woman's house. i didnt think anything of it until at 630 he called us to say that he had got her. she came home two hours ago and i instantly fell in love. i love nena. she's a month old and she's gorgeous. im just so scared of how to raise her. i know she's a puppy, but the responsibility is so BIG. she looks at me as if im her momma and i never want to let her out of my site. we dont know what breed she is yet. we'll find that out in time.

she's sleeping in her bed right now. all the lights are off and im watching her dream.
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